Virtual Cell

The Virtual Cell is a web accessible modeling framework designed for cell biologists to formally examine hypotheses about the spatial, temporal dynamics of cellular behaviors. We have addex educational resources to the tutorials associated with this National Resources for Cell Analysis and Modeling, a center funded as NIH National Biomedical Research Resources. If you have courses or labs that you wish to add a modeling component to, contact Raquell and check out our resources

Computational Cell Biology: Teaching modules

Computational Cell Biology is the increasingly recognized area of research that uses computational approaches to address basic research questions regarding cellular processes. Often described as the intersection or synthesis of theory, mathematics and experiment, computational cell biology is in need of teaching materials that can be used by educators to introduce this emerging field to undergraduate biology students. Researchers are contributing to the development of teaching modules at maintained by the Center for Cell Analysis and Modeling.

Integrating Computational Biology into Undergraduate Education

I have created introductory materials on modeling in cell biology for use in undergraduate biology courses or by individuals interested in learning more about modeling ( This site is meant to serve as a resource for researchers and educators. Please let me know if you have requests or suggestions for the site.