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Modeling the Cell Cycle: A computer lab exercise

The exercise presented here was developed for the Cellular, Developmental Biology Course at Beloit College and presented in ASCB's 2005 poster (ppt) session.

It has also been used in professional development workshops for faculty and graduate student training in computational biology. It was initially designed to be completed within a 2 hr. lab period.

Exercise Outline


I. Introduction to Stella.
II. Concept Mapping Statements.
III. Work with Stella.
IV. Draft rate equations and values.
V. Report Results

Stella: U. of Georgia Intro page

Cell Cycle model reference: Goldbeter, 1991.

Mass Action kinetics exercises

The exercise assumes a minimal understanding of cell cycle mechanisms, an ability to create subtraction equations and declarative sentences. These basics skills and materials allow for the introduction of ordinary differential equations (ODEs). Knowledge of ODE's are not required to complete the exercises.

If you have questions or need additional assistance with these exercises, contact Dr. Raquell Holmes.