Uptake of glucose into the cell

To Do: Create the model in Stella*. Use the mass action kinetics to describe the rate of reaction.
Run simulations with each of the parameter values indicated. Monitor the amount of glucose produced over time for each simulation experimental condition.



Chemical notation

Stella diagram

Kinetics: Mass action or Mass flux; facilitated diffusion

Enzyme: glucose transporter


Reaction Kinetics (Rate law) Kinetic type Constants
Glucose facilitated diffusion



Glucose k*Glucose irreversible mass action k


Parameter Value mM/min (reference) Variable Concentration Range (reference)
Vmax (k)

0.0197 (15)
55 (13)

Glucose 0.134 (15)
0.345 (14)
109 mm(13)

*In Stella, you can use the "Interface" window to attach a slider to the rate of influx. Set the range of values for the slider to encompass the experimentally identified values given in the parameter table. The input control knobs in Stella allow you to change the initial conditions of the simulation.

What do you need to be add to the Stella model in order to use facilitated diffusion instead of mass action kinetics in the above example?