Computational principles including information management, computer models, visualization and simulations can be applied to cell biological processes as an additional method to investigate and understand cellular behaviors and systems.

The success of bioinformatics has transformed biology. Biologists now look at computer modeling and computer information systems as a means of advancing their own research. Biology educators are beginning to incorporate modeling and bioinformatics into their biology curricula.

Why model?

"Modeling is easy".

That's a myth. The method of modeling is an iterative process that builds on the modeler's understanding of the system s/he is studying and the ability to bring together detailed bits of information to create a full conceptual, mathematical model of that system. Not only do biologists need to know their own system, but we must be able to translate that knowledge into new kinds of representations. Essentially we will be learning a new language, the language of modeling and simulation which are cornerstones of computational science.

January 14, 2006