Metabolic Pathways

Computational modeling of metabolic pathways can be performed from multiple approaches.

In these pages, we look at modeling the kinetics of glycolysis. These are a set of simple biochemical reactions whose kinetics are defined by mass action or michaelis-menten rate equations. The examples and data presented are meant to be accessible to readers at undergraduate levels and beyond. Included in the pages are overview materials of glycolysis, a list of glycolytic reactions, parameter values and references for use in simple exercises.

Other computational models of metabolic pathways include the inference of metabolic pathways from genomic and gene expression data.

Metabolic Control analysis that examines the relative control by pathway enzymes of mass flux through the system.

Computational Area Biological focus Requires or Identifies
Dynamics Biochemical reactions Rates of mass flux
Metabolic Control Analysis Control and regulation of pathway Control co-efficients
Pathway inference Genomics and gene expression Components of pathway

January 13, 2006